Orca Men’s Athlex Float



The Orca Men’s Athlex Float wetsuit combines high buoyancy with high elasticity, resulting in a very balanced wetsuit for swimmers who need added buoyancy to correct their positioning inthe water. Thinner upper body and thick leg materials allows wimmers to tackle triathlons with confidence.


· Flexability – 39+- The increased flexibility of Yamamoto 39 neoprene, combined with the high elasticity of Inifinty Skin 2 lining, provides open water swimmers with maximum freedom of movement. Thanks to this combination, 35% less force is required in fast movements than in conventional neoprene. For slow movements and wider strokes, 45% less force is required than in conventional neoprene. SCS coating also
helps reduce friction and water resistance, improving hydrodynamics and increasing speed.

· Compression – 38+ Yamamoto 38 provides more compression for a better fitting wetsuit,
for greater comfort when swimming in open water. For greater
hydrodynamics, SCS coating is used which reduces water resistance,
increasing speed.

· Elasticity– 39 FS Elasticity, maximum flexibility and total freedom of movement are brought together thanks to the combination of Yamamoto 39 neoprene, Infinity Skin 2 lining and Smoothskin surface finish. With this combination, the open water swimmer will use 35% less force in fast movements and short strokes, while slower and wider movements will require 45% less force than any other conventional neoprene.

     The Athlex Float is the follow-up from the S7

     What kind of swimmer are you?





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Orca Men's Athlex Float
Orca Men's Athlex Float