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Zone 3 Men’s Aspire Wetsuit


Designed for a fast, smooth and natural feeling swim. Great for beginners and pros alike and backed up with a host of industry reviews that commend it for its flexibility, buoyancy and speed of removal.


  • One of the highest-rated wetsuits of the last decade
  • Pro speed cuffs – a silicone coated formula unique to Zone3 for rapid removal after your swim
  • Enhanced integrated one-piece shoulder and chest:
    • Increases the total area of 1.5mm Yamamoto SCS material, improving the 360o stretch across the torso for better flexibility
    • Helps you to conserve energy, swim faster and improve endurance due to increased flexibility and distance achieved with each stroke
  • Aerodome Buoyancy panels on the legs and hips:
    • Designed with air bubbles built between the fabric layers to make it lighter and more buoyant
    • Up to 30% more buoyancy than standard neoprene
    • Helps support the core leg muscles
  • Improved laser-cut collar design allows a tighter fit without any feeling of discomfort around the neck
  • Made with 100% Yamamoto materials for premium performance:
    • SCS Nano coating – creates almost zero drag through the water. A drag coefficient of just 0.021 compared with 4.0 for regular neoprene wetsuits
    • Flexibility – A massive 480-580% in elongation, compared with human skin (underarm) which is just 60-70%. An expansion of 7x conventional wetsuit materials
    • Keeps the body warm in cold waters to reduce body fatigue and improve performance
    • Environmentally friendly and buoyant – Derived from limestone rather than oil, the neoprene has a 23% higher closed-cell structure, increasing the buoyancy levels for the swimmer
  • Comes with a free mesh storage bag

30 day return policy | Free delivery to IE for orders over €90*
Items such as Kayaks and Surf Boards are currently exempt from delivery and must be collected in-store.

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