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Snorkelling is more fun with the Seac Team fins! The Seac Team closed-foot fins have been designed to give a good thrust response. They are the perfect swim accessory for all types of watersports. The main benefits of using fins have little to do with working your legs. Many competitive swimmers, or those trying to improve their technique, will use fins to increase their speed through the water, helping to improve their posture and keeping their hips high in the water.

The Seac Team Fins will help you to focus on a particular aspect of your stroke such as hand position. This is because your stroke rate is lowered, giving you more time to concentrate on stroke drills.


  • Durable closed foot pocket features a shorter blade that keeps feet on top of the water for an overall streamlined and efficient profile during swimming or snorkelling.
  • Blade constructed of techno-polymer for performance swimming.
  • Two different rubber materials that help promote proper kicking techniques while strengthening and toning leg muscles.
  • Highly efficient hydrodynamic design provides maximum performance with easy effort.


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