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Tiger Tail Happy Muscles Guide Book is a self-help guide on how to smooth knots and release tightness in muscles. This book empowers the user to help identify what might be causing them pain, while giving the user the ability to make pain go away. This trouble-shooting guide features more than 250 pain-mapping muscle knot illustrations. It illustrates pain patterns, muscle knot locations, and self-help treatments for the entire body in an easy-to-follow format.

Tiger Tail Happy Muscles Guide Book Features

  • Self-help guide to un-knot muscles soreness
  • Pain patterns, muscle knot locations and self-help treatment suggestions for the entire body – from head to toe
  • Breaks down muscle groups by the pain we “feel” and offers ideas and suggestions on what potentially caused the problem in the first place
  • 260 pain mapping illustrations for: Achilies pain, ankle pain, arm pain, back pain, calf pain, chest pain, elbow pain, foot and tow pain, glute pain, groin pain, hamstring pain, hand, finger and thumb pain, head and neck pain, hip flexor pain, hip pain, inner leg pain, jaw and teeth pain, knee pain, quadriceps pain, side of leg pain, shin pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, etc
  • Offers a brief section on the anatomy of muscle knots, why they happen and what they do to user body without giving use a course in biology. Breaks down complicated subjects quickly and easily
  • Provides clues to muscles knot problems without heavy research
  • Based on muscle knot and trigger point research and findings

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Tiger Tail Happy Muscle Guide
Tiger Tail Happy Muscle Guide
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