Massage On A Rope 2.6in Tiger Ball


The Tiger Ball 2.6 Massage-on-a-Rope is a run-changer! This therapeutic massage tool is muscle-friendly and easy to use for self-help myofascial release. The magic is the rope that positions and keeps the ball in place so the ball won’t fall on the ground! Applies pressure and compression directly to sore, tight muscle knots in hard-to-reach areas of your back, shoulders and neck without the help of a buddy.
Also works great on hips, piriformis and glutes. Exclusive Tiger Tail Gription (deep grip and friction on fascia and muscles) busts out knots fast and helps put a speedy recovery into your own hands.
Simply put the ball behind you as you lean up against a wall, chair or other solid surface (much like a bear rubs up and down on a tree). 2.6” massage surface. Corded rope is approximately 47” long.

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Massage On A Rope 2.6in Tiger Ball