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EvoLite Plus

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The EvoLite Plus mattress' patent-pending AirFrame™ construction is the foundation, using alternating channels of foam and air to combine amazing compressibility with easy self-inflation and a stable, high-loft comfort not found in most air mattresses. In addition, this is Thermarest's first self-inflating mattress to utilize their patent pending reflective ThermaCapture™ technology inside - boosting warmth with virtually no added weight or bulk.


  • Stuff sack included

  • 6.4 cm of Loft: The best thickness-to-weight ratio of any self-inflating mattress.

  • Ultralight AirFrame™ Construction: Alternating foam and air channels allow us to drastically reduce weight and packed size while maintaining loft.

  • Supportive Foam: Thermarest's U.S. sourced foam is the lightest and most compressible foam on the market.

  • ThermaCapture™ Technology: Reflective layers inside help reduce radiant heat loss, boosting warmth with virtually no added weight or bulk.

  • R value 3.2
  • Weight: 0.69 kg

  • Size: 183x51x6.3 cm

  • Packed size: 20 cm x 14 cm

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