Set Tris Sprint Dry Blue

Set Tris Sprint Dry

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Set includes Sprint open-heel fins, a Giglio silicone Mask, and a Fast Dry snorkel.


  • Fins:
    • Open-heel fin adjustable to 6 different positions per size

    • Closure system using highly elastic and durable elastomer strap

    • Blade made of a special polyolefin resin

    • Foot pocket in thermoplastic rubber

  • Mask:

    • Single-lens mask with tempered glass

    • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt

    • Polycarbonate frame

    • Dual-button buckle on the skirt to make it even easier to adjust

  • Snorkel:

    • Silicone snorkel

    • Dry top system

    • Purge valve

    • Mouthpiece: liquid silicone

    • Tube: plastic material with liquid silicone corrugated hose

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