FlashBomb 3mm Hood - booley Galway
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FlashBomb 3mm Hood

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Flash lining - an engineered new weave technology that funnels water rapidly out of the hood once hung up, to dry super quick. The fluffiness of its construction also lends an aspect of insulation.


  • Thickness: 3 mm

  • Smooth skin Exterior: Repels water rather than absorbing it

  • E5 Flashdry lining: Two engineered layers wick water out of the hood to create the fastest drying hood on the market

  • E5 taped: Super stretch tape allows for maximum movement whilst offering incredible seam seal

  • Cord and slimline lock

  • Internal Neck gasket: Prevents water flushing through your wetsuit via the hood

  • Engineered chin up: Uses a 3D pre-shaped design to help make your jaw as comfortable as possible

  • Stiff peak to prevent water running onto face

  • Wind resistant mesh panelling

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