Big Zip LP 2L

Big Zip LP 2L

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Easy to fill and comfortable to carry, the Big Zip LP 2L hydration system from Platypus offers hands-free hydration for biking, trekking and everyday use.


  • Wide zip top makes for easy cleaning and filling
  • Slidelock closure system keeps it sealed while in use
  • Wide design and center baffle distribute weight evenly and prevent bulging in your pack
  • Food-grade BPA- and phthalate-free reservoir liner for taste-free, healthful hydration
  • The high-flow-rate bite valve can be shut off with a quarter-turn to prevent leaking
  • Hose pops off simply with the quick-disconnect port
  • A baffle down the middle spreads the weight of the water evenly across your back for comfort
  • Fits any backpack's hydration bladder pocket

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