Base Camp 1.6L Aluminium - booley
Kelly Kettle

Base Camp 1.6L Aluminium

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The traditional size Kettle used by Irish Fishermen. Boils 1.6ltrs of water in 3-5 minutes using just a handful of sticks/twigs, etc. Now comes with upgraded steel Fire-Base. When paired with Kelly Kettle's popular Hobo Stove accessory, enables easy cooking in the outdoors. 


  • Carry Bag included.
  • A Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper.
  • The Kelly Kettle even works in harsh weather conditions bringing water to the boil within a matter of minutes
  • No need to carry fuel.
  • No running costs. 
  • Diameter 18.5cm
  • Item Weight 0.8 kg
  • Product Capacity 1.6 Ltrs
  • Kettle Height 34cm