Advance S/S

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Keep doing the things you love outdoors, with the world's most advanced change robe. The dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve allows you to change anywhere whilst protecting you from the elements and keeping you warm in any climate.


  • Not your average fit, it should be large and loose enough to pull your arms inside and get changed
  • Leave it on over your clothing or wetsuit
  • Re-use multiple times without the dryrobe ever feeling wet or cold:
    • Lining draws the water away from the skin into the pile of the fabric
  • Preserve your energy and core temperature with full protection from the elements:
    • Completely waterproof and windproof outer shell fabric
    • Super warm synthetic lambswool lining (51% Acrylic, 49% Polyester)
  • Full length 2-way reversible YKK® zip allows fast easy entry and exit. Operate from either inside or outside
  • Keep your hands warm deep, fleece lined, zip close exterior pockets
  • Large 'A4' size internal soft lined poacher pocket
  • Internal '2-way waterproof' zippered chest pocket for storing valuables
  • Fast easy change short sleeve design
  • Minimal sealed seam construction
  • Super light construction - 1.3kg
  • Can be packed down small into a travel compression sack

Warning: dryrobe is ideal for use out of the water. Be aware that falling into water while wearing a dryrobe would present a serious risk of drowning, even for the strongest of swimmers. We do not recommend or encourage you to use your dryrobe while on the water.