Iona - booley
Iona - booley
Iona - booley


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A smaller goggle for smaller faces, with helmet compatibility and superior field of vision.


  • Vents to direct airflow over BLOC goggle lenses, stopping moisture from settling and fogging the lenses

  • Tri-layer insulated fleece - wicks away moisture from the face ensuring comfort is maintained

  • Dual adjustment strap ensures the goggle remains in position at all times

  • Anti-fog coating stops water droplets clinging onto lenses and blocking vision

  • Dual Lens stops cold mountain air condensing with warm air inside the goggle and provide additional impact protection

  • Maximum UVA and UVB protection

  • Helmet compatible

  • Orange/Blue Cat2 lens: 43-18% light transmission. This lens is lightly tinted on a brown base for medium to bright light conditions